At Founders Insurance Agency, we take the time to understand your personal insurance risks and needs. Whether you have your first apartment and car that you need to protect, or a multi-million dollar home and a fleet of classic cars - Founders is the place for you. Comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing and great customer care - that's Founders Insurance Agency.

Auto Insurance

From young drivers to empty nesters, Founders Insurance Agency has the right coverage for your Connecticut and/or New York Auto Insurance. Our Trusted Choice agents make sure you have the proper coverage to protect you in the event of a catastrophic accident or a rainy day fender bender. We don't offer the state minimum coverage on our auto insurance polices (they aren't enough). Founders Insurance Agency will make sure you have the liability limits (including sufficient Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage) to protect your family and your assets.

  • Have a classic car? We have great antique auto insurance policies to protect your investment.
  • Home owner or renter? We can offer you discounts when you have both your home and auto insurance with Founders Insurance Agency.
  • Travel? We have carriers who will offer you world wide coverage.
  • Hate talking to a computer? So do we, that's why you will always get one of our licensed Connecticut insurance agents on the phone when you call Founders Insurance Agency.

Give us a call today to get a free no-obligation consultation with one of our agents. To save time and to get an accurate proposal – please have a copy of your current auto insurance policy with you when you call or meet with one of our agents.

Home Insurance

For many people, their home is their greatest asset. As with auto insurance, every home insurance policy is different as are insurance carriers. Working with a Trusted Choice independent insurance agent such as Founders Insurance Agency will allow you to find the right carrier to protect your Connecticut and/or New York home investment.

  • Own a second home? We've got you covered. Whether your second home is in Tuscon, Palm Beach or Manhattan – our team will find the right home insurance coverage to protect your investment.
  • Own a car? We can offer you discounts on your home insuernce policy when you insure both with Founders Insurance Agency!
  • Buying a new home? Have Founders Insurance Agency assess it for any possible insurance issues before you decide to buy – many things can affect your rates including age of home, wiring, plumbing and roof. Don't get caught at the closing table with issues!

Our team of trusted advisors are licensed in many states allowing us to not only insure your Connecticut and New York homes but also your vacation homes. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our agents. Remember to bring a copy of your current policies with you for a quicker more accurate proposal.

Renters/Condo/Co-op Insurance

If you are a renter or own a Condominium or Co-op, you need to insure your personal assets!

  • Renters need to protect their personal property in case of fire or theft.
  • Condominium/Co-op owners need to protect not only their personal property but also the part of their property that is not protected by the homeowners association.
  • Whether a renter or a condo/co-op owner, you need liability insurance, cyber theft coverage and perhaps umbrella insurance dependent on your assets.
  • Live in Manhattan? Our Platinum Accounts unit understands the city and knows how to insure Condos and Co-ops from the small studio to the larger penthouse.

It is important to discuss your options with a team that understands your risks. Call Founders Insurance Agency today to schedule an appointment with one of our agents for a no obligation consultation.

Are you a Landlord?

If you own rental property that is listed under your personal name and not a company name then you need a Dwelling Fire policy.

  • It is vital that you not only protect your property but that you also have proper liability insurance.
  • Make sure you tenants have a proper renter's insurance policy in force.
  • If your rental property is under a business name, not a problem. Our Commercial Lines division can create a business insurance policy that will fit your needs!

Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our agents, have a copy of your current policy with you to ensure we can give you an accurate proposal.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Founders Insurance Agency also offers:

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Boat Insurance and Yacht insurance
  • Valuable Articles - Jewelry, Fine Arts and Collections
  • Domestic Workers Compensation and Employment Practices Liaibility Coverage
  • Snowmobile and off-road vehicle insurance
  • Flood and Earthquake Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Wedding and Event Insurance

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Personal Insurance

Get An Expert's Advice

Call today to set up a no obligation consultation with one of our Trusted Choice agents for your Connecticut and/or New York home and auto insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we have access to the top Personal Insurance Carriers in the area allowing us to give you the insurance portfolio you need.